Myth: Varicose Veins Don’t Impact The Young


You may think that you’re safe from getting varicose veins because it is a problem that only impacts the elderly. However, young people can get varicose veins under certain conditions. Sometimes they are caused by medical conditions, sometimes by lifestyle choices. Discover what causes varicose veins in young people today!
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Preventative Steps for Crow’s Feet

woman inspecting skin in mirror

Crow’s feet, one of the more unflattering terms used in the beauty industry, are the small wrinkles that appear in the outer crevices of your eyes. These are largely the effect of smiling and frowning, and plenty of women and men start to develop them around their mid-30’s. Aside from wrinkle treatment, there are many preventative and reactive steps you can take to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. [Read more…]

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