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Summit Skin & Vein Care Reviews

The procedure used for vein treatment is the best.  Went to another doctor who wanted to strip my veins and that way is stressful on a body and painful.  The staff, techs, and the doctor are very caring and compassionate.

March 11th 2020


I was well taken care of here – procedure clearly explained.  What I loved most about this office was the friendliness of the staff from the front desk to the wonderful support staff and the doctor is great.

February 13th 2020


Loved all the staff here, Dr. Fearon is the best.  Have had several procedures over the last 9 months with great results. So Very Happy!

February 11th 2020


The best experience I have ever had with a Medical Office.  From the front office staff to all medical staff. Friendly, helpful and professional. Every aspect of every procedure explained and you are made very comfortable. Thank you for caring.

Annette – February 10th 2020


Went for my 6 month check-up after having vein surgery on both of my legs because of pain and heaviness. I experienced minimal discomfort with the procedures and the outcome has been fantastic. Everyone at the clinic is helpful. I totally recommend them to anyone contemplating vein surgery.

Deb -January 7th-2020


Awesome! My Doctor referred me here after I had problem with swelling and clotting in my leg due to a varicose vein. I admit that I was nervous, but from the time I entered the office for the initial screening the staff were awesome and very patient. Everything was explained to me and I begin to realize that some of the symptoms I had been having for years what was causing them. The Dr explained to me step by step what would be done in regards to the treatment for the correction of what was going on. I agreed and the front desk went to work for me contacting my insurance to get the approval. It didn’t take long and they called to set my appointment up for the procedure within a week. There was little to no pain and I recently went back for 1week check-up looking good and I could definitely tell the difference in my legs by the end of the day. Sorry for the long review but I wanted to give from the moment I walked in until after the procedure , If you having problems please go and have them screen you.

Shana – December 20th 2019

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Jason was great at explaining the procedure and make me comfortable with what he was doing.


They are super nice and knowledgeable. From the front desk to the doctor. I have no worries.

Ryan – September 16th, 2019


I have suffered with vein problems for a while My Doctor suggested that I go there
The staff was wonderful and took care of all my needs I would highly recommend this place I was very pleased with all my treatments Thanks again for a wonderful staff

Keith, July 26th, 2019


I have had bulging varicose veins for 20+years and Dr Fearon and all the staff at summit vein are awesome! Very caring and they are always so compassionate and upbeat which makes for a non stressful situation!! Absolutely love this place and highly recommend!!

Nikki – June 6th, 2019


I have been going to the Summit Skin and Vein Care Clinic. Jason and Janelle are absolutely amazing! I would not trust anyone else to treat my veins. They are both highly knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, professional and just wonderful people. Thanks for all you have done for me and will continue to do in the future…you guys rock!!!

Kelli – May 30th, 2019


Just wanted to say that Jenna and all the receptionist are so kind and friendly. Jenna took her time to communicate and share the information I needed. Super sweet!

Angie – April 6th, 2019


The staff is welcoming and caring. The vein treatments I have received have helped tremendously! No more nagging throbbing or restlessness. They have many other procedures that help you be the best you can be.

Elizabeth – February 6th 2019


Summit Skin & Vein has state of the art equipment & they offer a wide variety of aesthetic procedures. I went to them for vein treatment in my legs & the process they use is the least painful of available pricedures. I was going to another doctor & he wanted to strip ny veins. It was too stressful on my body & painful. The procedures this clinic uses are the safest & overall healthiest way to get the job done. Kudos to Dr. Fearon!

Amy – August 3rd 2018

I should have done this years ago! I have had a lot of cramping and restlessness in my legs and feet for years, often keeping me awake much of the night. My primary care doctor recommended I go for an evaluation at Summit Skin and Vein Care. I was skeptical, I didn’t have obvious varicose veins. I’ve had the ablation and sclerotherapy done and now I sleep through the night and I can sit through a movie! Dr. Bruce Fearon and his staff are friendly and professional, helped me understand the entire process. Thanks.

Kim – February 10th 2018

If you are having any trouble with leg pain or veins, you must get a free consultation from Summit Skin & Vein Care! This place is incredible. The doctors and staff are amazing and so knowledgeable. When you walk into the door, you are greeted by the most friendliest office staff. They are so kind to work around your schedule when you’re setting up appointments. I just love that they have “after work” times so I didn’t have to take off work. Seriously, this place deserves 10 stars! Thank you for making my vein procedures go smoothly and so comfortable.

Stephanie – November 15th 2017

I have been going to this office for almost 2 years. I have never had a bad experience with them. The staff and doctor are always very pleasant. They are always really upbeat and make you feel really comfortable. I would recommend summit skin & vein care to anyone that needed this kind of service. I just can’t say enough about them. They are on their game and seem to really have a passion for their job. And it really shows in the care they take with me every time I go in to have something done. Even though I hate having procedures done I love going to this office.

T.B. – September 2017

I have excellent care at Summit Skin & Vein Care. Super nice people……receptionists, nurses, nurse practitioner, computer operators—Dr. Fearon….How about 10 stars!!! My legs are so much better!!!! Thanks to all. Highly recommend!

Barbara – August 23rd 2017

Both my wife and I have been treated here for vein issues. My wife was first treated about 5 years ago and, due to some newly occurring issues, has started a new course of treatment recently. I just started my treatment last week. The treatments are nearly painless, and the Dr’s and staff do everything they can to minimize any discomfort and make your experience as pleasant as is possible. The results have been wonderful. My wife had been having issues with ulcers appearing on her legs, and since the initial course of treatment has not had any recurrence. We cannot recommend them highly enough! Thanks for all you have done for us!

Tom – August 17th 2017

I was very pleased with my first visit. Everyone was very pleasant and went out of their way to allay any fears I might have. The sonogram technician did an excellent job of explaining what he was doing and had a good sense of humor. Dr. Bruce Fearon gave me a very clear explanation of the cause and treatment for the vein problems in my legs. I particularly appreciated the time the nurse spent in showing me how to use the butler for my support hose.

Jean – February 4th 2016

Enjoyable experience. Informative received a lot of good info. All personnel were very nice made visit easy going. Would come back!

John – February 3rd 2016

Simply the best. Professional, kind, clean and most of all gave details about the procedures with examples so a simple person could understand……in layman’s terms. I have referred others to your clinic.

Verna Mason –  January 30th 2016

Absolutely a “great experience”, from the front desk to the rooms in the back. Everyone was clear, in their instructions, outcomes and solid information. And since I’m a “don’t do Doctors”, kind of person, I was certainly impressed with each and everyone.

I am so thankful for such a dedicated professional staff and Dr.’s that DO explain each procedure,

Thumbs Up from me! Thank You

DeAnna Ward –  January 30th 2016

Was completely satisfied. The staff was very competent, kept me informed at all times about what they were doing and were always very friendly. I have recommended them to several people and will continue to do so whenever I encounter someone who could benefit from their expertise.

Sharon Henne –  January 25th 2016

I’m not entirely pleased with the results. The veins in my lower legs are very painful at the end of the day. I can feel every one of them burning under the skin. The heaviness in my legs and feet is improved, but not the swelling (although this could be my blood pressure medications). I was left with blue marks on one leg and my ankle that are not going away.

Richard Harkins –  January 23rd 2016

The staff is always right on anything I ever needed and always very professional at all times. Dr. Feron is always pleasant and really cares for his staff and patients. My experience was always the TOPS!!!

Barbara Graham –  January 23rd 2016  

My husband, Elroy came in 2014 for treatment, and has no complaints. His legs are looking real good, and he hasn’t had any problems with his veins since before he visited your office. The staff was wonderful when we visited, and we appreciated it very much! Thank you!

Ruby  –  January 22nd 2016  

I wish I had not had this procedure done at the time that it was done because I was also going through a series of 44 daily radiation treatments for prostate cancer along with round 2 of having kidney stones removed. The combination has made it so that I have not been able to push my lawnmower to mow my own lawn for the past 3 summers (2013, 2014 & 2015). I am looking into the reality that I may have to buy a riding lawnmower, which is too bad because lawn mowing was my release in life. It provided me with a little exercise and solitude and has for most of my life. Now I have trouble walking or standing for long periods of time, neither of which has ever been an issue for me until now. Don’t get me wrong, I needed all of these procedures to be done but they might have been spaced out a little better to prevent the impact on my body all at once.

Christopher S. Wyrick   –  January 22nd 2016  

Summit Skin & Vein Care helped me reach my dreams. I was a very competitive long distance runner. In 2010, I attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the Waddell & Reed Full Marathon. At mile 16, I started cramping up bad in my legs especially my left leg that had varicose veins. By mile 19, I had to pull out of the race. I was devastated. I got treatment for my varicose veins at Summit Skin & Vein Care and in 2011 I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a personal best! I thank God and Summit Skin & Vein Care!


When I first came to Summit Skin & Vein Care, I had a red and warm to the touch swollen right knee with joint pain. The discomfort was bad enough to keep me from being able to travel and work. After a painless diagnosis, it was determined I had several small, yet potentially dangerous, clots. Your immediate attention and preventive treatment led to my full recovery allowing me to get back to work and travel.

Thanks to Dr. Fearon and his caring, attentive staff.


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