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About Our Vein Clinic in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Summit Skin & Vein Care is a skin and vein treatment clinic located in Lee’s Summit, MO. If you are struggling with the symptoms of a vein disease, you should see a vein doctor at our clinic. We offer varicose vein treatment, spider vein treatment, treatment for cosmetic concerns, and evaluations of vein health. We will come up with a vein treatment plan to improve blood flow and quality of life.

Summit Skin & Vein Care is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vein conditions such as varicose veins, venous insufficiency (venous reflux disease), spider veins, and venous leg ulcers, as well as enhancing our clients’ health and appearance. Our vein clinic provides comprehensive care, including expert consultations, on-site diagnostic studies, and state-of-the-art technology. We use minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques for both medical and cosmetic vein treatment.

Lee’s Summit Skin Clinic & Vein Treatment Center

As a specialized vein treatment clinic, Summit Skin & Vein Care has a variety of safe and effective vein treatments available. As a result, care is personalized and based on what is best for each individual patient. Our skin clinic and vein care facility employs venous disease specialists (phlebologists) and other highly trained staff. The combination of medical, surgical, and aesthetic training makes this team complete in its approach to your individual needs. The educated and friendly staff at our skin clinic will ensure you receive the highest level of quality care.

Reasons to See a Vein Care Specialist

Common causes of vein problems include pregnancies, prolonged standing, leg trauma, family history, or health issues. No matter what caused your vein disease, you can get treatment for your symptoms. Here are some of the main reasons to seek medical advice and treatment for a troublesome vein.

Reduce Discomfort, Pain, and Swelling

Vein treatment can eliminate some of the negative effects of a vein issue. You don’t have to continue to live with pain when varicose vein treatment, spider vein treatment and venous disease treatment are available at our vein care clinic.

Improve Appearance of Bulging Veins

Vein treatment can improve or eliminate the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins. Improving the appearance of your legs can help you feel better.

Gain Confidence

When you look great, you feel great. Improving your veins and your skin’s appearance with the help of a vein clinic can boost your self-confidence.

Improve Your Lifestyle

When you look and feel great and are not dealing with pain or other negative symptoms of a chronic venous disease, your entire life can be improved.

Skin Care Services

While you may have been looking for a vein clinic or varicose vein treatment center, you should know that Summit Skin & Vein Care also offers other services outside of vein treatment. You may need skincare services following a varicose vein treatment, for example. We offer a variety of cosmetic skin care services that include:

Our Skin Care & Vein Care Clinic Location Near You

Summit Skin & Vein Care is located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, on the southeast side of the Kansas City Metroplex and proudly serves the Lee’s Summit area, including (but not limited to) Kansas City, Raytown, Independence, Blue Springs, Harrisonville, Warrensburg, Clinton, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you have a minor problematic vein with cosmetic issues or serious skin discoloration and chronic venous insufficiency, our clinic has vein care specialists who can treat you. We can give you a physical exam as well as vein treatment recommendations so you can have the best possible outcomes for problem veins.

For more information, schedule an appointment today and learn more about our vein treatments and skin care services at Summit Skin & Vein Care. Call us today at (816) 533-4398.

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