Myth: Varicose Veins Don’t Impact The Young


You may think that you’re safe from getting varicose veins because it is a problem that only impacts the elderly. However, young people can get varicose veins under certain conditions. Sometimes they are caused by medical conditions, sometimes by lifestyle choices. Discover what causes varicose veins in young people today!

What Causes Varicose Veins

Sedentary Lifestyle

Many young people who work in an office find themselves in front of a computer all day. Sitting or standing for long periods of time is well known to lead to varicose veins in people of all ages. Anyone who sits or stands in one place for too long should make an effort to move often in order to get blood moving.

Fashion Choices

Tight pants and high heels, while fashionable, can cut off circulation and cause early varicose veins. Spider veins can also be exacerbated by tight clothing. Wearing comfortable, loose clothing and flats can give your veins a much-needed rest.


New, young mothers can run just as much risk of varicose veins as women who have had multiple pregnancies. Pregnancy weight can put a lot of pressure on your veins and hormone changes are a contributing factor; hormone shifts can cause your blood flow to slow down, leading to irregularities that irritate varicose veins. It’s important to discuss the possibility of varicose veins with your OBGYN to determine the best way to avoid or alleviate them.


Men and women who are overweight and obese run a higher risk of varicose veins, no matter their age. However, young people with obesity are more likely to develop vein problems because of their weight. Sometimes, that means that an obese young person could have dangerous vein problems and not know until things take a downturn.

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