Laser Hair Removal

There is no normal amount of body hair -it really just comes down to what each individual is comfortable with.The amount of hair on one’s body can vary greatly between individuals both male and female. While women on average do produce lower levels of male hormones (androgens), sometimes a woman’s body produces larger amounts of this hormone. This can lead to unwanted hair growth. In most cases, the exact cause is never identified. Many women find it bothersome, or even embarrassing, just as some men are self-conscious about some of their own hair growth.Summit Skin and Vein Care offers professional laser hair removal services in Lee’s Summit, helping people throughout the greater Kansas City feel more comfortable in their skin.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair from virtually any part of your body using a specially-designed laser. Unlike waxing, shaving, or electrolysis, you get permanent reduction with each treatment. Six to eight treatments are generally needed for optimal results.

During the procedure, FDA-cleared lasers target the hair follicle, which disrupts the hair growth cycle. The laser is beamed onto the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. The heat from the laser travels via the pigment into the root of the follicle and destroys the root of the hair.

How long will the results last?

Over 90% of patients have permanent hair loss after an average of 6-8 sessions. On average, expect to need 6 treatments in order to get your desired results. All of your hairs grow on a slightly different cycle, so multiple treatments over time ensure that the maximum number of hairs are treated during the active stage of the growing cycle.
Laser Hair Removal in Lee's Summit and Kansas City

Common Causes of Unwanted Hair

  • Hirsutism, which is excess hair on women in areas generally associated with male hair growth -such as the face and lower abdomen. Hirsutism is a condition specific to women and can be caused by:
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Cushing’s Syndrome
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Medicines such as Testosterone, Danazol, Anabolic steroids, DHEA, or Glucocorticoids
  • Hypertrichosis, which can be congenital or acquired and leads to the excessive growth of vellus hair, lanugo hair, and/or terminal hair

Areas We Treat with Laser Hair Removal

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Bikini
  • Chin
  • Face
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Underarms
  • Upper Lip

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

LightSheer™ Diode Laser

The LightSheer™ Diode Laser is the best and most comfortable permanent hair reduction solution available. With two technologies in one, it allows us to address large treatment areas as well as smaller and more delicate treatment areas. Whereas previous laser hair removal technology limited the procedure to those with fair skin and dark hair, we can tailor the treatment to all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Other Methods

● Tweezing is fine for small, isolated areas like eyebrows. Minimal hair removal by tweezing can be performed daily at home.

● Shaving can be used to remove hair from legs and underarms. Shaving does not result in permanent hair removal, however, and will require regular touch-ups, which may lead to discomfort.

● Waxing can be done at home or in a beauty salon. It is fast, but like shaving, it generally needs to be performed again and again. It is also slightly painful. Lasting skin damage can occur due to the use of hot wax in place of wax strips.

● Laser removal is the use of a very concentrated light beam into hair follicles to eliminate the hair. It targets the hair’s root and can lead to permanent loss of the hair follicle after 3-5 treatments. The procedure must be performed by a skilled technician or doctor to prevent skin damage. It is a fast procedure. Laser hair removal removes hair in a quarter size location in just a second.

To schedule a permanent hair removal treatment or to speak to a skin care specialist about laser hair removal, contact Summit Skin & Vein Care at (816) 533-4398 today!

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