Athletes Get Varicose Veins, Too

Athletes Get Varicose Veins, Too

Varicose veins can affect anyone. Exercise can combat circulatory and venous issues but hereditary predispositions may still override preventative measures. Almost 50 percent of patients have a family history of the condition. If you’re an athlete looking to reduce the swelling and regain competitive form, we have some useful tips to keep you performing your best.

Athletes and Varicose Veins

Not All Exercise is Equal

High-impact exercises such as skiing, marathon running, or weightlifting can place excessive stress on your abdomen and legs, which overburdens your veins. The tension created restricts circulation, making it more difficult for blood to travel from the legs back to the heart.

If you notice enlarged veins after these types of exercise, try developing a lower impact regimen. Walking, jogging, and stationary cycling can all improve blood flow while placing limited stress on your legs.

Wear Compression Stockings

Wear support hosiery during and after your workout to maximize blood flow. Well-fitting compression garments are among the most effective ways to promote circulation in athletes who suffer from leg strains and varicose veins. The compression will counteract spiking blood pressure and prevent blood from pooling in the legs, ensuring that the blood continues to circulate properly — quickly relieving pain and swelling.

Elevate Legs After an Intense Workout

To encourage your legs’ blood to drain properly after a long run or heavy weight-lifting session, be sure to elevate your legs and feet during your recovery time. This will decrease swelling and numbness or pain.

Seek Treatment

Athletes with chronic varicose veins can suffer from long-term consequences if they do not seek medical attention. Luckily, many laser and electronic procedures can quickly rid you of your varicose veins and launch you back to peak performance.

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