IPL™ Photorejuvenation in Kansas City & Lee’s Summit

IPL™ photorejuvenation technology helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance and natural glow. Photorejuvenation offers a safe and non-invasive solution that can be tailored to your individual condition and skin type. At Summit Skin & Vein Care of Lee’s Summit, we are dedicated to providing superior cosmetic results and outstanding satisfaction with our photorejuvenation treatments.

How Photorejuvenation Works

IPL photorejuvenation technology works to improve the appearance of aging skin by removing age spots (sun-induced freckles), benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries. This gentle, non-ablative photorejuvenation process for the face and body uses broad spectrum light to treat virtually anywhere on the skin that sun damage shows. Photorejuvenation is ideal for patients with active lifestyles, as this procedure requires minimal downtime and has a low risk of side effects. A typical photorejuvenation treatment takes four to six treatments at three-week intervals for the best results.

To learn more about IPL phtorejuvenation and to see if it might be the right treatment for you, call Summit Skin & Vein Care of Lee’s Summit today at (816) 286-4062.

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