Get Ready For Warm Weather With Our Specials

Get Ready For Warm Weather With Our Specials

With spring warming it’s way through the blistering cold and summer hot on its heels, it’s time to start thinking about getting rid of the winter from your skin as well. We have a variety of services that will rejuvenate your skin and get you looking fresh in no time.

March Specials


This is a particularly great treatment after exposure to dry air and heating for multiple months. You may have started to notice flaky, dull skin on your face (even blackheads) that you can’t get rid of with home treatment. Microdermabrasion is a great way to renew, fresh skin in less than an hour. Our skin care specialists will customize your procedure for your skin type and needs. The procedure gently exfoliates the dead skin cell layers, increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen and elastin production for an almost instantly vibrant skin glow. Great before a spring break trip, wedding, anniversary party, or self-care day!

IPL Treatment

Hyperpigmentation can leave you feeling less than excited about your skin. Reverse the effects of sun damage, such as freckles, sun spots, and other skin discolorations. IPL is a non-invasive, series of treatments that will bring you beautiful, youthful skin you can be proud of.

Laser Hair Removal

Everyone has different levels of hair growth, nothing is too little or too much. However, if your body produces a bigger amount of the male hormone androgen, your body hair may be darker, thicker, and more noticeable than you’d like. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman having noticeable arm, leg, or facial hair, laser hair removal can boost your confidence and make life a little easier.

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