The Dangers of DIY Skincare

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At first glance, the boom in popularity of DIY skin care seems great. People are recognizing the importance of knowing exactly what they are putting on their skin and attempting to use natural ingredients. It can also be less expensive than buying professional products, as these DIY recipes typically include things found around the house, like sugar or yogurt. The problem? Most of these DIY recipes are formulated by amateur skin care enthusiasts who don’t actually know a whole lot about the skin and how different ingredients can affect it. Here’s why that’s dangerous for your skin.

Bad Ingredients

The number one problem with DIY skin care recipes is that many of them contain ingredients that either won’t do anything for your skin or will actually damage your skin. DIY facial scrubs often contain materials like sugar and salt, which can actually scratch sensitive skin. Often recipes also call for citrus fruits, like lemons, that can burn the skin and make it more sensitive to sunlight. Egg whites may sound like a great ingredient for a facial mask, but the risk of ingesting some and getting salmonella is simply not worth the supposed beauty benefits. Remember that professional skin care products have been carefully formulated with ingredients that have been scientifically tested on the skin. No DIY recipe can claim that.

Improper Sterilization & Preservation

Another big problem with DIY skin care is that there is no system of quality control to ensure safe sterilization of products and containers, the use of preservatives to keep bacteria from growing, or the quality of the ingredients themselves. While we understand why many people want to stay away from certain preservatives, like parabens, you simply can’t avoid preservatives altogether. Preservatives are what keep products from growing bacteria that could be dangerous to your skin.

Using Trusted Brands for Skincare

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