4 Made-Up Makeup Myths Wiped Clean

4 Made-Up Makeup Myths Wiped Clean

Myth 1: Choose Skincare Products Based On Your Age

Many products out there claim to be designed for specific age groups, such as treating wrinkles or age spots. The fact is age is not a skin type. If you do not find the right skin treatment you are likely to suffer the same skin issues for the majority of your life. An individual in their 50s can have the same skin issues and skin type as their teenage kid. Oily skin, dry skin and clogged pores do not have an age limit. However, starting the right skin care regimen as soon as possible is an effective preventative wrinkle treatment. 

Myth 2: Hypoallergenic Products Are Better For Sensitive Skin

“Hypoallergenic” really means that a product is unlikely or less likely to cause an allergic reaction, therefore being better for allergy-prone or sensitive skin types. However, there are no ingredient restrictions or regulations for a product to qualify as being hypoallergenic. When looking for a good skin care product, look for gentle, fragrance-free products made with soothing, skin-replenishing ingredients that do not irritate your skin. A quick internet search for skin care made specifically for sensitive skin can help a lot!

Myth 3: Makeup Causes Acne

Find some credible research showing makeup causes acne, I dare you. The reason people believe this is because not removing makeup correctly and consistently will result in clogged pores. When you do not get all your makeup off at night or fall asleep in it, your pores are going to get clogged. Any anti-acne medications used will just sit on top of the skin instead of being absorbed. Find an effective makeup remover and be consistent in your skin care regimen.

Myth 4: All Natural is Better

A product that is labeled as natural does not mean that your skin will not have a bad reaction, and does not mean that it will be effective or safe for your skin. For example, some naturally occurring oils that fight acne can be too heavy for your skin and cause it to worsen, or a wrinkle treatment can clog your pores. Ask your skin care specialist to diagnose your skin type and visit an allergist to find out what ingredients are most likely to cause your skin to react.

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