Endovenous Chemical Ablation

Varithena® and Sclerotherapy are two forms of Endovenous Chemical Ablation (EVCA).

  • Varithena®
    Varithena is the only foam treatment that’s been approved by the FDA to treat large leg veins. Treatment with Varithena does not require any incisions or general anesthesia. We use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area prior to the procedure. Under the guidance of ultrasound a small amount of Varithena is administered through a needle or a thin flexible catheter. Once injected into the vein, the microfoam medicine then fills the desired section of vein causing the diseased vein to collapse and close. After treatment, the blood flow is redirected to healthy neighboring veins so circulation is improved and the varicose vein symptoms are resolved.
  • Sclerotherapy
    Sclerotherapy is proven to be a safe procedure that is performed outpatient in the office. Varying number of injections may be required, depending on the number of veins involved. During Sclerotherapy, a sclerosant is injected into the damaged veins via a tiny needle. Only FDA approved agents such as polidocanol and sodium tetradecyl sulfate are utilized in the practice. The sclerosant will cause irritation in the vein and it will eventually collapse. When the weakened veins collapse, they are absorbed by the body and the healthier veins will take their place in the circulatory system.This procedure can be guided through the use of ultrasound or by a Veinlite. Sclerotherapy techniques include both liquid sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy. In some instances several sclerotherapy treatments may be necessary.

Following Endovenous Chemical Ablation treatments, you can resume normal activities immediately. We recommend you stay active with a walking regime of two 10-15 minute walks a day to avoid complications. Most can resume normal activities the next day, although exercise and strenuous activities are to be avoid for a week. Compression socks will need to be worn for a week following the procedure. While it may take several months to see full results, some improvement is sometimes visible immediately.

Sclerotherapy and Varithena® for Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

Varicose and spider veins can lead to both cosmetic and physical concerns, including lowered self-esteem and aching, restless legs. Whether your primary goal is to relieve discomfort or regain your confidence, Summit Skin & Vein Care offers effective varicose and spider vein treatments for those looking to restore their quality of life.

Sclerotherapy and Varithena® are safe and effective, often showing results in as little as two to three months for smaller veins and in up to nine months for larger veins. To learn more, browse our Sclerotherapy and Varithena® FAQs page to find answers to common questions.

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