Sclerotherapy is a treatment for both varicose and spider veins. This treatment uses a very small needle to inject the vein with a medication that irritates its lining. In response, the vein collapses, is reabsorbed into the body, and is no longer visible at the skin’s surface. Sclerotherapy relieves symptoms caused by varicose and spider veins in most patients. This procedure treats veins at an early stage to help prevent further complications. We perform sclerotherapy treatments in our Lee’s Summit and Kansas City area skin and vein care facility.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy is an in-office treatment alternative to surgical stripping that we can do in our Lee’s Summit facility. With this technique, our medical professionals visually monitor the vein on an ultrasound screen while performing the sclerotherapy treatment. The use of the ultrasound enables us to treat veins that might otherwise require surgical removal.

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