Do You Have a Skin Pigmentation Disorder?

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A skin pigmentation disorder is a disorder that affects the color of the skin. Skin gets its color melanin, a pigment in the skin that is made up of special cells. These cells can become damaged due to a variety of causes, which affects the production of melanin. When the production of melanin is disrupted in some way, skin can become hyperpigmented or otherwise discolored, either in patches of the skin or over an individual’s entire body. Read on to learn more about common skin pigmentation disorders and treatments.

Common Skin Pigmentation Disorders and Causes

There are several different causes and types of skin pigmentation disorders. Many women experience differences in skin pigmentation during pregnancy in the form of dark spots. This skin pigmentation disorder, or melasma, is caused by the body’s increased production of hormones. Melasma can also be a result of sun exposure and possibly the contraceptive pill. To prevent melasma caused by sun exposure, in addition to protecting your skin against sun damage and skin cancer, it is recommended to always wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

A skin pigmentation disorder can also be caused by genetics. This can include skin disorders like albinism, which causes the lack of pigmentation or color in the skin. Vitiligo is another skin pigmentation disorder that is thought to be genetic or possibly caused by an autoimmune disorder. This skin pigmentation disorder causes white patches on the skin due to the destruction of melanin-producing cells in the skin.

Treating a Skin Pigmentation Disorder

There are a variety of ways to treat skin pigmentation disorders, although some disorders like albinism have no cure. Treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma include several options. Popular treatments to help restore the skin’s natural pigment include Fraxel and IPL Photorejuvenation. Fraxel is a non-invasive laser procedure that works to restore the skin’s pigments. IPL Photorejuvenation is another non-invasive procedure often used to treat age spots and brown pigments.

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