Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Traveling

Sticking to a skin care routine while traveling is tricky. That’s bad news because traveling takes a toll, and good skin care is essential. Here are skin care tips to help you look your best while traveling.

Skin CareMoisturize

The right moisturizer is paramount when you travel. Choose something rich and nourishing if you’ll be flying. Being on an airplane is particularly drying and it can leave your skin parched. If possible, choose a moisturizer that offers sun protection and reapply often. You’re likely to be more exposed to the sun while you’re vacationing.

Get a Handle on Oil

Dealing with oil is a major skin care concern. It becomes a bigger problem when traveling to warmer climates. As this tip proves, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Just bring along rice papers or blotting papers. They are light, easy to carry and handily absorb excess oil.

Apply Lip Balm Often

Any good skin care routine needs to include the lips. Choose a moisturizing lip balm that can tuck into your purse or pocket. You’ll rely on it heavily while in vehicles and buildings that turn up excessive heating and cooling systems that can leave your lips dehydrated.

Stick to Your Cleanser

With luggage fees going through the roof, it’s more important than ever to pack light. However, your typical cleanser is essential to your healthy skin care routine. Pack it along with you, choosing a trial or sample size if possible. This helps minimize breakouts and other skin care concerns while you’re away.

Get Plenty of Rest and Water

Good sleep and adequate hydration are vital parts of your skin care routine. It’s tempting to stay up late while vacationing and forego the water, but make a point of hanging on to these components of your skin care regimen.

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