Tips to Prevent Appearance of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are not solely an aesthetic problem, and can signify more serious venous complications.
Damaged or weak valves in the veins can create increased pressure on the walls of the veins when they fill with blood. This causes the veins to expand and causes appearance of varicose veins. This typically occurs in the legs more than other areas of the body.

Sometimes varicose and/or spider veins cannot be prevented due to genetic predispositions to weak vein walls, but there are certain tips to keep in mind in order to delay their appearance or reduce the risk of onset.

underwater view of senior man swimming competitively1.) Regular exercise

Daily exercise can improve the leg strength, and promotes better circulation. Lighter exercise, such as walking or swimming, is recommended. Strenuous physical activity, like running or weightlifting, increases pressure on the veins, and should be avoided to delay the appearance of varicose veins. Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise can also decrease pressure on your veins.

2.) Avoid standing/sitting for prolonged periods

Standing for a long period of time is stressful to weak veins, and can cause blood to accumulate in the legs. If standing for long periods, be sure to move around to promote better blood flow in the legs. Sitting for long periods can also cause blood to accumulate in the legs.

3.) Leg elevation

Slightly elevating your legs when you sit or lie down improves better bloodflow from the legs to the heart. Elevating your legs decreases pressure on the veins and promotes better circulation. When you lie down, consider putting a pillow under your feet to keep your legs slightly elevated. When sitting down, consider resting your feet on a nearby chair or stool.

Vitamin E4.) Modify your diet

Cut back on salt. Salt can cause increased swelling, which leads to varicose veins. Taking vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin E, are thought to promote skin andvein health. Consult with your doctor before adding nutritional supplements into your diet.

Let us help with your any of your varicose vein concerns.

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  1. When I was a kid, I remember my mom having problems with varicose veins. She eventually needed surgery but has since not had any problems. Thanks for sharing these tips for preventing varicose veins if possible. It is cool that moderate exercise can play a positive role in this condition. This gives me some good ideas to avoid varicose veins. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My wife has recently gotten more and more varicose veins in her legs. Like you said, you can delay the appearance of varicose veins by doing regular exercise and that would not only increase the strength of your legs but also increase the circulation. I think for me I will take your tip and go elevate my legs to prevent varicose veins.

  3. I didn’t realize that spider veins were caused by poor bloodflow. I sit at a desk most of the day, since it is hereditary I will have to remember to elevate my legs more often. I think it is great to do as much preventing as you can.

  4. Hi thank you for this great post on preventing varicose veins. I’m in search of natural options for treating varicose veins. I love the options you presented here. A similar and great post is also found here: Importantly, I love the option of leg elevation. Why? Not only will it enhance circulation,. it could be fun too especially while lying down. I love the way you put it “Slightly elevating your legs when you sit or lie down improves better bloodflow from the legs to the heart. Elevating your legs decreases pressure on the veins and promotes better circulation.” Just saying thanks for the great post.

  5. I didn’t think about how your diet could affect varicose veins! Thanks for mentioning to cut back on salt. I will definitely recommend this and the Vitamin E tip to my aunt, who has been really struggling with varicose veins recently. This could be a really good way to supplement the treatment she’s been receiving.

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