Fraxel® Laser Skin Treatment in Lee’s Summit & Kansas City

Want to reveal a younger you without the dramatic changes or extended downtime that come with surgery? With Fraxel®, you can achieve improved tone, texture, and radiance with one single treatment that involves no surgery or injections. This simple, non-invasive laser skin treatment is clinically proven to be safe and effective in smoothing your skin’s surface and perfecting your complexion. With quick treatments and minimal downtime, Fraxel® laser skin treatment fits into any lifestyle and any beauty regimen.

What is Fraxel® used for?

Fraxel® is an FDA-approved laser device used by dermatologists to treat the signs of aging in your skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, surface scarring, and sun or age spots. In addition to lessening the signs of aging, Fraxel® is helpful for things like melasma, actinic keratosis, and hyperpigmentation. The benefits last for years, especially with a quality skin care regimen in place.

Treatment Time

Fraxel® laser skin treatment works with your body’s natural skin cells, so results typically take 1 to 3 weeks to take effect. This laser skin treatment usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the body area being treated. Most patients see the best results with 1 to 5 treatments. Typically, patients report a sensation of a “light sunburn” immediately after treatment, but this sensation can vary.

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