The 3Ws of Vein Health

The 3Ws of Vein Health

The 3Ws of Vein Health

At Summit Skin & Vein Care, our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients through the treatment of challenging vein conditions and educating patients on preventative lifestyle choices. We believe in teaching the 3Ws as the key to keeping healthy veins:

    • Water
    • Walking
    • Wearing Compression Pants

Keeping all three in mind, here are some ways they can contribute to improved vein health:


Staying hydrated does wonders for your body. It keeps your skin healthy, prevents cramps, helps with weight loss, and helps maintain your immune system. It also does wonders for your veins.

When you’re hydrated, your blood is thinner, allowing itself to circulate through your body easier. Dehydration can put a strain on your veins, potentially lead to blood clots or other serious medical conditions. It’s recommended that adult men drink 13 cups of water each day, and women drink 9 cups. Even if this isn’t achievable, making the effort will go a long way for vein health.


It might seem too good to be true, but the simple act of walking can help you avoid or manage a number of health issues like blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight. Walking eases joint pain and boosts your immune system. Staying active helps you avoid varicose veins. We continually encourage all our patients to prioritize walking as a part of their daily routines.

Wearing Compression Stockings

If you suffer from any vein related health complications or issues like diabetes and lymphedema, talk to the specialists at Summit Skin & Vein Care about compression stockings. These specialized hosiery wrap around the leg and are used to reduce the diameter of enlarged veins, increase blood flow and valve effectiveness.

Gradient compression stockings can help reduce the day-to-day pain improve the quality of life. If you might need compression socks, find out more here.

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