The Benefits of Compression Stockings

Compression socks, or stockings, are a stretchy type of elastic hosiery that are snug fitting to gently squeeze your leg. The compression helps improve your blood flow which can lessen pain, keep your legs from getting tired and achy, ease swelling in feet and ankles, and can help prevent and treat vein diseases such as varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.

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Is It Time to Consider Compression Stockings?


Spider and varicose veins might just be unsightly nuisances to you, but they are actually the visual alerts to a bigger problem like chronic venous insufficiency. This is a disease that basically prevents blood from flowing back up the leg, leaving blood to pool and veins to bulge. [Read more…]

Compression Stockings for Expectant Mothers

Compression Stockings for Expectant Mothers

In addition to anticipating the arrival of her little one, an expectant mother has a lot of physical changes to contend with. Some of those changes can make the feet and legs tired and achy. Sometimes, they also swell, and this can be particularly uncomfortable. Taking a few months off isn’t an option, so why not try compression stockings?

Compression stockings are the easy, carefree way to keep looking and feeling your best throughout your pregnancy. You’ll feel the vitality of your legs return the first time you wear a pair of comfortable compression stockings. You’ll love the support, and you’ll certainly appreciate how you look.

Compression Stockings in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City

Most expectant mothers are primarily concerned with the health of their baby. The good news is that wearing compression stockings does not affect your baby in the least. They are perfectly safe to wear throughout your pregnancy, and as they promote good circulation, your doctor might even recommend them as an important part of maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Compression stockings are a great idea for all expectant mothers. That’s especially true if you must sit or stand for long periods of time. They will really give you the support you need to keep feeling energized throughout the day. They can even prevent swelling, and you may feel more comfortable than you have for a long while.

Fight Discomfort With Compression Stockings

Wearing compression stockings may be especially important for expectant mothers who have a history of venous disorders or whose family has a history of such problems. The most common complication that goes along with leg discomfort is deep vein thrombosis, which can be dangerous. Accordingly, it’s always important to consult with a physician when symptoms like swelling and achiness occur to rule out more serious conditions.

With compression stockings, many expectant mothers are able to be as active as ever while also being safe and comfortable. Consult with your doctor, and then look for the solutions that are right for you.

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