Role of Compression Stockings in Varicose Vein Treatment

Compression therapy is frequently used as the first step preparing to go through varicose vein treatment. Surprisingly, most insurance companies will require those who have varicose veins go through compression therapy before being eligible for reimbursement for other more aggressive varicose vein treatments. The use of compression stockings in varicose vein treatment is very important.

These socks can help with varicose vein treatment, because they are designed to be used with other treatments. Some of the benefits that compression stockings have include:

Benefits of Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings in Lee's Summit

• Blood Circulation – This is usually part of the problem. If a person has unsightly veins, that means they don’t get enough blood circulation which causes other problems in their legs. The stockings are designed to help blood circulation move through the legs.

• Walking – Blood circulation or the lack of it, makes walking harder. The legs need to have the proper amount of blood to be able to function and having a varicose vein makes that hard. This is where the compression stockings help. They allow for the proper blood flow through the legs back up to the heart.

• Styles – Not everyone has the same types of varicose vein problems, so the best thing is to be checked by a doctor before getting some. There are some that have elastic, and some that don’t. Using the wrong ones, can make any varicose vein become more problematic and cause more issues as a person gets older.

• Varying Degrees of Compression – This is how the stockings are designed and the range is from 10 to 50. This is because of the varying cases of those veins problems. If a person has a case of varicose vein issues that is lower, most of the time, the compression stockings can be purchased over the counter. Anything towards the higher end usually has to be ordered by a physician.

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