Do Spider Veins Ever Disappear?

If you notice that spider veins are developing on your legs, you may be wondering if they will go away if you leave them alone or if you will need to get them treated. The answer? It is possible to get rid of your spider veins with some help. Before we get into the details, we need to talk about what spider veins are and how you get them.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are thin, small blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. They appear most commonly on the legs, face, and chest, but can also be found in other places. In most cases, they are red or blue in color and look like spider webs or branches. Spider veins can be unsightly, but they can also be painful and uncomfortable. The presence of spider veins can be purely cosmetic, but they can also indicate an underlying condition.

How Do You Get Spider Veins?

Spider veins appear when tiny blood vessels are damaged. This is due to weak valves inside of veins that allow the blood to pool. Over time, blood pools in veins close to the skin’s surface, creating the appearance of spider veins.

Your risk of spider veins, or even varicose veins is higher if you are in one of the following categories:

  • Those with a family history of varicose veins and venous disorders
  • Those over the age of 50
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who spend long periods of time on their feet or sit for long periods of time as a part of their job
  • Those who are obese or overweight
  • Those with diabetes
  • Those with previous leg injuries

So Will Your Spider Veins Go Away On Their Own?

Overall, the answer is most likely no. In fact, it’s extremely rare and in many cases, spider veins only get worse over time. The only way to be sure to get rid of your spider veins is to get them treated. Thankfully, Summit Skin & Vein Care can treat your spider veins easily.

Ready To Get Rid of Your Spider Veins?

Restore your confidence and comfort with spider vein treatment from Summit Skin & Vein Care. We will perform a vein screening prior to your physical examination to make an accurate assessment of the extent of your spider veins, as well as to create the best treatment plan for you. Contact Summit Skin & Vein at (816) 533-4398 today to schedule an appointment.

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